01. Financial and Legal Management, Advisory and Consulting

Our panel of Accounting, Taxation and Legal experts provide customised solutions for your business needs. The ticket size is so small that our solutions cost from a minimum of Rs.100/- per solution and onwards. You also get to connect with our experts who will take care of your business planning, funding requirements (capex as well as opex) and also Treasury Management. We use technology to gain inputs from you and provide you results quickly. We use our intellectual capacities to keep solutions transparent, simple, easy for you to understand so that you trust us. Our Solutions cover the following.

Working Capital and Long-term Debt Advisory

Legal Advisory

Banking and Insurance Products

Treasury and Forex Advisory

Direct and Indirect Taxation Advisory

02. Efficient Manpower at Rural Touchpoints in the Country

We are associated with 2 lac Rural Access Points spread across 4 lac Gram Panchayats in the country. These points are managed by trained and experienced people who are well connected in their areas and have experience of managing technology as well as sales and operations. The manpower can be used by Public, Private Sector bodies(including government and its ministries and departments), Startups, NGOs, Banks and Insurance Companies, Logistic and Supply Chain Companies etc to perform.

B2C, B2B, C2C and D2C Sales: These points can do all such sales and their network can be used by companies to scale their business operations and track the sales and business growth on a real time basis.

G2C Activities: These people can be used at Panchayat Levels to implement G2C and governance activities (example MGNREGA, NRLM related, Basic and Advanced Education and Training related activities, Skilling etc)

Job Creation and Labor Management: Such points can help in employment generation and the same can be verified basis the real time data available through our platform.

Surveys and Studies: Such points can be used to carry out Door-to-Door Surveys with real time authentication. Such surveys can range from general surveys like business demand estimation, product acceptability related to specialised surveys such as Economic Census, Population Census, Tribal Surveys, Surveys done for the purpose of Land Acquisition from farmers etc.
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B2C, B2B, C2C and D2C Sales

G2C Activities

Job Creation and Labour Management

Surveys and Studies

03. Stress and Lifestyle Management Solutions

Technology and Fast Life has taken a toll on our living style and body and we require solace, relief and peace at any point of time to boost and rejuvenate ourselves. We have worked out very specific solutions to help you gain energy and vitality required to lead a happy life despite setbacks or roadblocks. Some of such solutions on offer are related to...

Stress Management

Lifestyle Management

Health, Medicines and Diet Management

Ethics and Moral Building for Children and Adults

Dispute Management

Grievance Handling