About Us

Our Philosophy

KPRS And Consultants Private Limited (KPRS) is an initiative that believes that the non-rivalry of ideas and concepts, their aggregation, stocking and realization in terms of distribution of income to various sections of society and people is the essential component of long-term economic growth.

We are inspired by Paul Romer(2018) and believe in the principle that Ideas are not depleted by use, and it is technologically feasible for KPRS to use an idea simultaneously with its competitors once the idea has arrived. We follow the principle that non-rivalry of ideas in combination with rival products and services result in an increasing return to scale.

What We Do?

We associate with all such entities/individuals who believe they have useful ideas and are well-connected with people to do business, have strong relationships but are unable to execute their ideas for want of technology and intellectual competence.

We provide the retailers, manufacturers, startups, farmers, transporters with the manpower, technology and platform using which they can scale their operation quickly. They can also monitor their operations real time and use the payment solutions provided by our partners to transact reliably.

Our efforts are also oriented towards making common people of our country understand and use technology without any fear of losing their money or information and getting their task done reliably thorough our or our partners platforms.

We convert the ideas into reality using Modern Technology(Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain) and Strategy(Law, Finance, Taxation, Marketing, Manpower) to positively impact areas related to Land Matters and Reforms , Agriculture, Farmer Welfare, Water Conservation, Health, Education, Infrastructure, Financial and Rural Inclusion and e-Governance and any other domain which helps improve society’s Human Development Indicators.

We are associated with an experienced set of skilled manpower spread across the country and particularly at rural and semi-urban levels such as villages, gram panchayats, blocks, municipalities and districts. We build platforms and tools which any individual / organisation / company / group of people at any level mentioned above can use to executeand grow their business. The platform built by us and skilled manpower associated with us act as ready-made tool for business implementation and helps businesses in improving their operating cash flows in a significant way.

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